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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sing You Home

Sing You Home

Zoe and Max are married and both suffer from fertility problems.  They go through rounds of IVF with no success.  After Zoe delivers a stillborn baby, Max tells Zoe he cannot do this anymore and that he wants a divorce.  Zoe is devastated.  Eventuallly she begins to pull herself together and gets back into the groove in her job as a music therapist.  She begins to work with Lucy, a troubled girl at a local high school.  Vanessa is the Guidance Counselor there.  Vaness and Zoe become friends and eventually lovers.  They get married.  They decide they want a baby and Zoe wants to use the leftover frozen embroyes from her marriage with Max.  She asks Max and he tells her that he will think about it.  Max is now involved in a cult-like church and ends up suing Zoe for the rights to the embroyes.  This results in an intense court case.

As usual, Picoult picks an edgy topic and shows multiple sides to it.  Her book is told in chapters alternating between various characters.  This develops the characters and gives readers a strong insight into how the hot topic is affecting them.  Picoult is masterful at this technique.  She also does a great job researching the legality of the issue at the heart of her books, and Sing You Home is no exception. 

Even the secondary characters in this book are fully developed and interesting in their own right.  Readers will feel for Liddy, want to help Lucy and despise Wade.  Picoult's books are always good ones to discuss and  this book will stay true to that pattern.  I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.

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