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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Forever (YA)

Forever (YA)

This is the third book in a YA paranormal series.  Sam and Grace are werewolves.  Sam has finally stopped shifting into a wolf but Grace has not had the experimental cure yet.  In this book, the final in the series, Isabel's father is planning an aeriel wolf hunt to kill off the pack.  Cole is trying to discover a cure and a way to force a wolf back into its human form.  Sam knows that he must lead the pack to a safe place.  But will it happen before it is too late?

With some unlikely allies in a police officer and Grace's friend Rachel, the trio of Cole, Sam and Grace try to save the pack.  Throughout this, Sam and Grace's love story continues and deepens.  Grace reveals to her parents that she is still alive.  Olivia, Grace's friend who was turned into a wolf, is not so lucky.  As a secondary love to hate love story, Isabel and Cole's relationship deepens as well. 

Also, Sam gets a chance for a sort of closure with his adoptive father Beck.  Sam has matured and has become a strong person, sure in his own skin.  This strength helps him help Grace and in turn, the pack.

This was a good finale to a great series.  I had hoped for a little epilogue detailing what happens 20 years later, but that did not happen.  All in all, I have enjoyed this series a lot and liked the characters.  I recommend it.

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