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Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Reads

November reads:

1.  A Taste of the Night Life (1st in series) (4.5/5)
2.  The Name of the Star (YA) (4.5/5) Kindle
3.  Fall for Anything (YA) (4/5)
4.  Mind Over Murder (5/5) (1st in series)
5.  Killer Pizza (YA) (4.5/5) Kindle
6.  The Carrie Diaries 2 (YA) (4.5/5) Kindle
7.  Wonderstruck (YA) (4.5/5) Library book
8.  It's Hard Not to Hate You (4.5/5) Kindle/review book
9.  In Trouble (YA) (4/5)
10. Explosive Eighteen (5/5) (18th in series)
11. Ruby Red (YA) (5/5) (1st in series)

So far, 103 books read in 2011


  1. Wow...I've read about 20 something this year. Are you still reading with "Bookies Too"? I found your blog through the website. I joined to increase the number of books I read in a year. My goal for 2012 is 50. thanks, Libby

  2. Melissa: Yes Libby I still read with Bookies Too when I can. Most of my reading is from a Young Adult Literature class I am taking (I'm a HS English Teacher). 50 is a good goal. I'd like to hit 150 but I always seem to only get to 120 or so.


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