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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Making Rounds with Oscar

Making Rounds with Oscar

This was a great read.  Oscar is a cat who lives in a nursing home where most patients suffer from dementia.  Oscar seems to have a sense of when a patient is going to die and he then refuses to leave their bedside until they pass.  Dr. David Dosa is not quick to believe that Oscar really has this sixth sense but he is slowly won over, after witnessing it a few times for himself and after speaking with the family members of those who have passed with Oscar by their side.  

I remember hearing about Oscar in the news a few years ago and I wanted to read this book.  It was more than just a cat book though.  Readers learn to care about the families who spend a lot of time in this nursing home, through Dr. Dosa's retelling of their stories.  Oscar is a great cat--independent, loving when he wants to be, and comforting when he needs to be.  I enjoyed this book a lot.

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