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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ruby Red (YA)

Ruby Red (YA)

This book is the first in a three book series.  Gwyneth's family has a time travel gene that is passed down among the generations.  Her family believes her cousin Charlotte carries the gene but it is actually Gwyneth who has it.  She then begins to travel in time, trying to complete a mission to complete the circle of 12 time travelers. 

This book is well written.  The time  travel seems to actually drive the plot rather than be a plot device.  The characters are interesting and well-developed.  There is a strong mystery aspect to the book.  Along with that, there is romance as well.  This book was a great, quick read and I look forward to number two being published.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Explosive Eighteen

I love this series. Stephanie Plum is at it again--trying to find people who have skipped out on their bonds, trying to get away from bad guys who are after her, trying to decide between Morelli and Ranger. This book was great. There was tons of humor, lots of action and a decent mystery plot to keep me interested. Reading these books are like getting together with old friends--love Lula and Grandma Mazur. I read this book in a day!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In Trouble (YA)

In Trouble (YA)

This book takes place in the 1950s.  Jamie's father has been recently released from prison for being considered a Communist during the McCarthy trials.  Jamie's friend Elaine becomes pregnant by her older boyfriend, Neil.  Jamie tries to help Elaine by gathering names and numbers of doctors who will help young girls "in trouble".  What Jamie is not telling people is that she was recently raped and is also trying to help herself.  This book tells of the limited options girls and women had in that time period and how they were viewed by society.  This was a quick read, but this book had a lot to it.    I would recommend it to HS girls.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Hard Not to Hate You (review book)

It's Hard Not to Hate You (review book)

Valerie Frankel writes a very honest look at the ups and downs of her life.  She talks about the death of her first husband due to cancer, her own medical concerns, finding a great guy who becomes her second husband, jealousy over other people's writing successes, and a host of other issues with a sarcastic wit that makes it fun to read.  Fans of Jennifer Lancaster will enjoy this book.  Valerie looks at herself and does not make herself out to be what she is not.  She shows her whole being to reads--the good, the bad and the fugly, as she calls it.  This book made me laugh, made me think of things in my own life and made me reflect on myself.  I recommend this book.  I received this book through the Amazon Vine program and I am glad that I chose it.

Wonderstruck (YA)

Wonderstruck (YA)

Ben is deaf in one ear.  That is not the biggest issue he is dealing with though--his mother was recently killed in a car accident.  Ben discovers information about who his father is and where he may now be living.  When making a phone call to find his father, Ben's house is struck by lightning and he becomes totally deaf.  Instead of going to the hospital that his aunt and uncle want him to go to, Ben heads to New York City to try to find his father.  He meets a boy who helps him hide out in a museum while Ben is looking for his father. 

This book is told in both narrative and photo form.  Ben's story is told in the written word.  Rose's story (and her connection to Ben) is revealed in a series of illustrations.  This is not jarring though to the reader.  Both stories flow well individually and together.

I enjoyed this book.  I liked Ben and hoped all would work out for him.  I was curious to know the story behind who his father was and where he was and if Ben and he would connect.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Carrie Diaries 2--Summer and the City

Carrie Diaries 2--Summer and the City

This book is for fans of the TV show Sex and the City.  In this book, Carrie is spending the summer in New York City participating in a writing program.  She is staying with Samantha Jones.  Carrie meets Miranda and the two become friends.  Carrie tries to get her writing career started, tries to date an older man and tries to make it in the big city--all with varying degrees success.  This book gives some insights to these characters in their younger days.  I enjoyed it.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Killer Pizza (YA) (Kindle)

Killer Pizza (YA)
A pizza shop is a cover for a monster hunting operation.  Three teenagers hired to work at the pizza shop are then recruited into the monster hunting operation.  Annabel, Toby and Strobe agree to the dangerous job.  The three put their lives in danger to rid their small town of these horrible monsters who can live unnoticed among  the human population.  This book had good action and a hint of romance.  There was humor in it as well.  This would be a good boy book for both MS and HS boys.  Girls would still like it as Annabel is a tough cookie.  I enjoyed it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mind Over Murder

Mind Over Murder

This is the first book in a cozy mystery series.  Clara moves back to her hometown and begins working in the bookstore owned by her cousin, Stephanie.  The owner of the store next to them ends up being murdered in their storeroom.  The cousins decide to begin their own investigation, using Clara's "Quinn sense" where she hears voices when people are lying.  Of course their investigation is not without problems and danger. 

I enjoyed this book and will continue the series.  I liked Stephanie and Clara.  There was a hint of romance to come for Clara with fellow store owner Rick.  I loved the bookstore setting and the small town feel to it.  The mystery was decently done and there were a good amount of twists and turns to keep readers guessing.  I recommend this book.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall for Anything (YA)

Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers (YA)
Eddie's father committed suicide and she struggles to figure out the reason why he did so.  Eddie is numb and her mother is in an almost catatonic state.  Eddie's best friend Milo is worried about her obsession to figure out the reasoning behind her father's actions.  Eddie meets Culler, a photography student of her fathers, and the two begin to go to a variety of places where Eddie's father took pictures and left behind messages that could perhaps enlighten them to her father's mindset.  But are things what they seem?  This book is not a happy book but it was interesting and I was curious to see if Eddie would reach some sort of closure by the book's end.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Name of the Star (YA) (Kindle)

The Name of the Star (YA)

Rory moves to England and begins boarding school.  There are murders happening that copy those of Jack the Ripper.  Rory sees the murder and the police begin to protect her as a witness.  The only thing is, the murderer is a ghost.  How can Rory see him?  How can he be doing these horrible things?  Rory meets other police who can also see ghosts and begins to work with them to catch this horrible killer.  But at what cost?

This book was a good read.  It had a lot of action and suspense.  The characters were well-written both those dead and alive.  I would recommend this book.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Taste of the Nightlife

A Taste of the Nightlife

This book was a mystery that had a cozy, culinary and vampire aspect to it.  Charlotte owns a restaurant with her vampire brother Chet.  A witch is killed there and the Paranormal Squad closes the restaurant while they do their investigation.  Charlotte decides to do her own investigation, with help from witch Brendan and vampire Anatole.  There were good twists and turns in this books and I enjoyed the characters.  This book is the first in a series and I will continue to read this series.  I recommend it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Reads

October 2011 Reads:

1.  Mr. Darcy's Bite (5/5) review book
2.  Girl, Stolen (YA) (4.5/5)  library book
3.  The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (YA) (4/5) library book
4.  Shelter (YA) (5/5) Kindle book 1st in series
5.  The Body Finder (YA) (5/5) Kindle book 1st in series
6.  The Firefly Letters (YA) (4/5) library book
7.  Smile (YA) (4/5) library book
8.  The Puppy Diaries (5/5) library book

Books read in 2011:  92