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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wonderstruck (YA)

Wonderstruck (YA)

Ben is deaf in one ear.  That is not the biggest issue he is dealing with though--his mother was recently killed in a car accident.  Ben discovers information about who his father is and where he may now be living.  When making a phone call to find his father, Ben's house is struck by lightning and he becomes totally deaf.  Instead of going to the hospital that his aunt and uncle want him to go to, Ben heads to New York City to try to find his father.  He meets a boy who helps him hide out in a museum while Ben is looking for his father. 

This book is told in both narrative and photo form.  Ben's story is told in the written word.  Rose's story (and her connection to Ben) is revealed in a series of illustrations.  This is not jarring though to the reader.  Both stories flow well individually and together.

I enjoyed this book.  I liked Ben and hoped all would work out for him.  I was curious to know the story behind who his father was and where he was and if Ben and he would connect.

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