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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Undertakers 2: Queen of the Dead

Book #68 Read in 2012
The Undertakers 2:  Queen of the Dead by Ty Drago (YA)

This book picks up right where the first in the series left off--and the action is non stop!  Will Ritter is still fighting the Corpses and is feeling a bit smug about killing Kenny Booth.  But now the Queen of the Dead has come to stop the Undertakers and Will--and she means business.  She will use Will's mother and sister to try to get to him.  But the Undertakers hang tough and have some help for a somewhat unexpected source--a FBI agent that they rescued from the Corpses.

This book has tons of action in it.  Boys would love this series.  Along with the action are great characters such as Will, Helene, Burgermeister, Tom and Sharyn.  These characters are tough, resilient and loyal.  There is humor in the book and a hint of romance between various characters. I enjoy this series and look forward to the third installment.

I received this book from the publisher, Sourcebooks, in exchange for a review.

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