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Monday, October 8, 2012

Sophia's War

Book #63 Read in 2012
Sophia's War by Avi (YA)

This book is excellent young adult historical fiction.  It tells the story of Sophia Calderwood, a young lady who ends up being a patriot spy during the Revolutionary War.  Sophia ends up working in a British household and ends up discovering important information about Benedict Arnold and where his loyalty really is. . . 

Avi is a hit or miss author for me but this book I really liked; I read it in a day.  Sophia is a great character--courageous yet human, intelligent yet self-doubting.  There are interesting secondary characters as well.  The chapters are short which would help a reluctant reader, especially with this genre where readers seem to either love the books or hate the books.  This book was a quick read full of action.  I recommend it.

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