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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Soldier Bear (YA)

Book #67 Read in 2012
Soldier Bear (YA) by Bibi Dumon Tak

This book was based on the true story of a bear cub, adopted by Polish soldiers during World War II, and his place in their patroon.  The soldiers decide that the bear, named Voytek, is their mascot and they bring them along with him--even though he steals their Christmas dinner, even though he begs for food, even though he takes up most of the bed.  Voytek also brings them joy, love and a connection that they desperately need in a horrific time in their lives.  

This book is geared for younger readers (I would say 6th grade and below).  The chapters are short and the writing is simplistic but it is a good story and would interest reluctant readers.  The book contained pictures of the real Voytek and his soldier family.  I enjoyed this book.

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