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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Things A Brother Knows (YA)

#33 Book Read in 2012
The Things A Brother Knows (YA)

Bo is coming home from a tour of duty in the Marine Corps.  His younger brother, Levi, is curious as to what it will be like when Bo gets back.  Bo basically hibernates in his room and does not interact with the family.  Everyone is telling Levi how lucky he is to have Bo home but is Bo really home?  Bo decides to go on a hike of the Appalachian Trail but Levi knows that is not where he is really going.  Levi decides to join him on his hike to Washington, DC.  In doing so, he hopes to reconnect with his brother.  The journey is educational for them both.

This book was a good read.  It shows the effects, both physical and mental, of war on people fighting and people left behind.  Bo and Levi are great characters.  Even though this is a heavy topic, there is humor and romance to balance it a bit.  I recommend this book.

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