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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Girl in the Park (YA)

#35 Book Read in 2012
The Girl in the Park (YA)

Wendy is a bit of a wild girl and announces on Facebook that she plans on hooking up with Nico, a bad boy, at a party.  Rain and Wendy were once good friends but Rain is more the shy, retiring type and the two grew apart.  Rain is also at the party and she and Wendy speak briefly but Rain does not stay long.  That night, Wendy is murdered after leaving the party and her body is found the next day in the park.  The media portrays Wendy as a party girl who got what she deserved but Rain does not believe in that.  She feels someone should speak up for Wendy and Rain begins her own investigation into Wendy's murder.  The culprit may surprise readers.

This book was a good YA mystery.  Rain was an interesting character.  Wendy was a well-developed character, even though she was dead for pretty much the entire book.  There were good twists and turns in the story.  This book was a quick read that would keep readers engaged.  

I borrowed this book from the public library.

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