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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Abandon (YA)

Book #29 Read in 2012

Pierce drowns while trying to rescue a bird stuck in her swimming pool.  She comes back to life, after being dead for a while.  This causes her behavior to change and her parents feel that she has some issues to deal with and they become even more convinced when Pierce is thought to have assaulted one of her teachers.  Her mother bring her to the island where she grew up in the hopes that Pierce can have a new start.

What her mother does not know that while Pierce was dead, she met John, the keeper of the Underworld.  Pierce does not know at first who John is but the two have an instant chemistry.  Things are heating up between the two and with the powers that want to hurt John by hurting Pierce.  

This book has humor, action and romance.  Pierce is an interesting and well developed character.  John is complex--is he a hero or a bad man?  A good read, I recommend this book and will read the sequel,  which is coming out next week, at some point.

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