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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Due or Die

#25 Book Read in 2012
Due or Die

This book is the second in a cozy mystery series.  In this book, the new President of the Friends of the Library is a murder suspect after her husband is shot and killed.  Lindsey does not believe that Carrie murdered her husband so she begins her own investigation.  The cast of characters return from the first book with some new additions--notably Heathcliff, Lindsey's new puppy, found in the book drop box.  

This book is another great cozy mystery.  The characters are interesting and well developed.  I loved the addition of Heathcliff.  The mystery was well crafted and well executed.  I enjoyed the book talk and the setting of the library.  The romantic aspect between Sully and Lindsey is moving along at a good pace.

I recommend this book.

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