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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Demon Lover

#24 Book Read in 2012
The Demon Lover

Callie lands a job at Fairwick College.  Callie has written a paranormal book and is researching a paranormal author.  Things become a little too real for Callie when an incubus (demon lover) begins to visit her in her new home and begins to drain her energy.  What Callie does not realize is that other professors at this college are paranormal beings and that she herself is a Gatekeeper.  As she begins to explore this new side of herself, students at the college come down with a mysterious illness.  Has her incubus begun to drain others as well?

This book reminded me of "A Discovery of Witches", which is a good thing because I loved that book.  "The Demon Lover" is well-written, with a gothic feel to it that is well done.  Callie is a complex main character--she is not perfect but is brave, human as she follows her heart but is aptly able to handle the consequences of doing so--and I enjoyed her.  

I recommend this book to fans of paranormal romance especially.  It was a good read.

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