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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Crossed (YA)

#26 Book Read in 2012
Crossed (YA)

This is the second in a young adult dystopian series.  Readers definitely need to read the first book, Matched, because Crossed picks up right where Matched left off.  Cassia is on the hunt to find Ky and she gets herself assigned to a work camp near where she believes she will find him.  Cassia connects with another girl, Indie.  In the meanwhile, Ky is burying bodies with Vick and Eli.  The three boys decide to make a run for the Carving, a range of mountains where they believe they can hide.  Eventually the girls and the boys connect and join forces.  

This was a good read.  Crossed focused more on the action and the search than the romance aspect of Matched.  This book leaves off in an interesting place and I look forward to the third book, coming out in November, I believe.  

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