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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vampire Crush (YA)

Vampire Crush (YA)
#3 Book Read in 2012

This was a good YA vampire book.  Sophie is on the high school newspaper and finds the group of new students interesting and begins to investigate them.  Turns out that they are vampires.  This group includes her old next door neighbor, James.  He has returned to his old house and he tries to keep Sophie safe from the head vampire, Vlad.  Vlad is searching for a mate who comes from a highly esteemed vampire family; the only thing he knows about her is that she has a star shaped birthmark.  Vlad begins to check out all the high school girls for such a birthmark, staring with Sophie's step-sister Caroline.

This book was a good read.  There was humor in it, action and some good mystery to it.  The characters were interesting--I liked Sophie and James, Vlad was a well-developed bad guy and the secondary characters such as Violet, Neal and Caroline were interesting.  I recommend it.

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