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Friday, January 27, 2012

Emily and Einstein

#7 Book Read in 2012
Emily and Einstein

Emily is a book editor.  She volunteers at an animal shelter.  Emily is married to Sandy, a businessman from a rich family.  One night, Sandy dies in a car accident.  He begs for a second chance and an old man gives him one, in the form of Einstein, the dog Emily saves from the shelter. Sandy begins this new journey selfishly, trying to figure out how to save himself.  He eventually realizes that his true mission is to save Emily--from his vindictive mother, from her own depression, from her sister Jordan and truly, from his actions and treatment of her when he was alive.

This book was excellent.  I was immediately sucked into it and cared from Emily right from the get go.  I loved the dog Einstein and was glad to see Sandy's journey into what type of person he truly had been.  This book had humor, romance and a sort of mystery to it.  What would happen to Emily?  Would Sandy be saved from an untimely death?  Readers will want these answers and will not be disappointed in the book.  I loved it.

I was sent this book to review by the publisher.

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