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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Baker's Wife

#6 Book Read in 2012
The Baker's Wife

Geoff was a pastor but is eventually let go and he and his wife Audrey open up a bakery.  Jack is the policeman who had a lot to do with Geoff losing his job.  Jack's wife Julie is missing after her scooter and her blood are found in the street.  Jack is convinced that Audrey hit Julie with her car and killed her.  He accused her of trying to cover up her crime.  The cops do not agree with Jack that Audrey did it.  Jack begins to lose it and takes Geoff, Geoff's son Ed, and three others hostage in the bakery.  He tells Audrey to bring him his wife or he will kill them all.  Audrey begins a desperate search for Julie.

This book was extremely well written.  It sucked me in immediately.  Audrey was a great main character.  She had guts, brains and a heart.  The twists and turns of the back story behind all the characters kept me guessing.  This book had a good mystery, good action and a cast of characters that were complex and interesting.  I recommend this book.

I received this book from the Amazon Vine program to review.


  1. Wow, sounds interesting and complicated. You have me wondering what it is that Jack has against Geoff and his wife.

  2. It was a great read, Carol. I recommend it!


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