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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Under the Egg (YA)

Book #105 Read in 2014 (YA)
Under the Egg by Laura Marx Fitzgerald

This book would be recommended for fans of Chasing Vermeer or Manhunt.  Theo is a resourceful 13 year old whose grandfather has recently died so she is now taking care of her reclusive mother, the house, the garden and the chickens.  Her grandfather told her to look for treasure under the egg and Theo realizes that the painting of the egg above the mantel has another painting that she believes may be worth a lot of money.  Her new friend Bodhi helps her try to solve the mystery.  There is a lot of art history in this book as well as history about World War II.  

I enjoyed this book.  It was a quick read that had great characters.  The mystery plot was an interesting one.  I borrowed this book from my town library.

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