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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Blood of My Blood (YA)

Book #106 Read in 2014
Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga (YA)

This is the conclusion to the trilogy that began with the book I Hunt Killers and it is a more than satisfying end.  While these books can be graphic, they are also haunting.  In this one, Jazz is hunting down Billy Dent, his serial killer father, who has kidnapped Jazz's girlfriend Connie.  Billy wants Jazz to become a killer like his old man.  Jazz has reconciled himself that this may indeed have to happen to save those he loves.  While close to 500 pages, this book races along with a plot full of twists and turns.  I am sorry to see this series end, but love that this book does such a good job of bringing closure to this storyline.

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