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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sergeant Rex

Book #58 Read in 2013
Sergeant Rex by Mike Dowling

Rex is one of the first Marine Corps K9 dogs to be used in the war in Iraq.  Dowling is his handler.  This book details the strong connection between handler and dog, the horrors of war and the relationship formed by the men and women fighting it together.  I learned some things about military dogs that I did not know.  This book was a bit slow at times but overall I liked it.


  1. Hey Melissa,

    I saw your review of Sergeant Rex on Amazon and followed it over to your review blog here! What a cool concept!

    I'm a veterinarian in the Army and get to take care military working dogs every day. I recently tried my hand at writing about them and published my first short story on Amazon just a couple days ago. I'm trying to get a few reviews on there so that people will actually give it a chance!

    Would you be willing to read and review it for me? It's only about 5000 words so pretty quick and easy. I would be interested in any feedback you have, also, so that I can improve for the next story.



  2. I purchased your story and will review it at some point...not exactly sure when I'll read it. Thanks.


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