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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lone Wolf

Book #61 Read in 2013
Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

As Picoult typically does with her books, this one has an edgy topic at its core--when does family have the right to "pull the plug" on a loved one?  Luke has researched and lived with wolves.  This was done at the expense of his family.  He and his wife Georgie divorced, his son Edward has not spoken to him for years but his youngest child, daughter Cara, still lives with him and idolizes him.  Then there is a horrific accident that involves Luke and Cara.  Both are hurt but Luke is being kept alive by machines.  Cara wants to give Luke time to heal, fully needing to believe that her father will recover.  Edward wants to terminate life support and donate Luke's organs.  A court battle ensues to try to decide what Luke would want if he could tell them.

This book is told in chapter alternating between different points of views of different characters.  Picoult is masterful at this technique--allowing readers access to the minds of many characters, keeping single loyalty to one character at bay.  All of the character are complex yet well-developed--none perfect but all with interesting flaws.  I enjoyed this book.

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