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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Matched (YA)

#22 Book Read in 2012
Matched (YA)

This is the first in a young adult series.

Cassia is a teenage girl in a society where choices are made for citizens--what job they are picked for, who they are matched with and what food they eat are just some of the decisions made for them.  Cassia is matched with Xander, her childhood friend.  But then she sees a picture of Ky, a neighborhood boy as well, as a match for her too.  This is unheard of and must be some sort of mistake.  Cassia is told that it was an error by an Official but she finds herself more and more drawn to Ky.  But to ignore the match made for her would bring problems done upon her family.  

This was a good read.  I was drawn to Cassia's desire to make her own path in life.  There was a romantic triangle that worked and that had members that readers would care about.  I will continue on to the second book, Crossed.

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