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Friday, March 23, 2012

A Deadly Cliche

#21 Book Read in 2012
A Deadly Cliche

This is the second book in a great cozy mystery series.  In this book, Olivia finds a dead body while walking on the beach with her dog.  There are also a rash of robberies where the thieves leave behind a cliche as a calling card.  Olivia and Laurel begin their own investigation into these crimes, in the hopes of helping out Chief Rawlings.  At the same time, Olivia is also contacted that her father, presumed dead for decades, is alive and for a price, she will be given information on where to find him.

This book has good mystery story lines with good twists and turns.  The characters are well-written and interesting.  Olivia is a strong female lead who keeps her head in the heat of danger.  I love her canine companion.  He embodies canine courage and loyalty.  The members of the writing club are great characters who are getting more fleshed out with each new book in the series.

I recommend this series highly.  These are good cozy mystery reads.  I cannot wait to begin the third book in the series, which is in my TBR pile already.

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