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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paris My Sweet

#9 Book Read in 2012
Paris My Sweet

Amy has been in love with Paris since she visited in college.  When she is offered a year contract for a plum job writing ad copy for Louis Vuitton in the Paris office, she decides to not let this opportunity pass her by.  This change of locale allows her to indulge in her other hobby--finding the most decadent, delicious treats and chocolates all over Paris.  This book has a chick lit, bloggy feel to it, mixed in with such wonderful descriptions of the desserts that I found myself craving to have a serving of what she was describing right in front of me as I read the book.  Amy has some moments of trying to decide if this job is right for her, if she will ever find everlasting love and if she wants to have children, but the true focus of this book is her love for the city and its food.  

I enjoyed this book a lot.  Amy's writing was fresh and modern.  I liked her and wanted to her about her trips and sweet discoveries in Paris.  I was rooting for her to feel more at home in this city that she loved so.  This book was a quick, good read.  I recommend it for fans of culinary books and for fans of chick lit.

I received this book to review from Source books.

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