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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crossing the Tracks (YA)

#16 Book Read in 2012
Crossing the Tracks (YA)

This is a good YA historical fiction book.  Iris lost her mother at a young age.  Her father is very distant.  He sends Iris away to be a housekeeper of sorts for a doctor and his ailing mother.  Iris really connects with Dr. and Mrs. Nesbitt and begins to feel like she has finally found a family.  But things are never really easy for Iris and this continues throughout the book, though she ends up finding strength that she never knew she had.  

This book had great characters.  Iris reminded me a bit of Harper Lee's Scout.  I loved Dr. and Mrs. Nesbitt.  Olive was a great comic character and Marie was the epitome of a loyal canine companion.  This book was a good, quick read.

I borrowed this book from the town library.

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