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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Divergent (YA)

Divergent (YA)

This is the first book in a dystopian series.  At a certain age, teenagers must decide what faction they are going to choose to belong to.  If they don't make the cut, they become "factionless" or homeless.  Beatrice decides to join the Dauntless faction and reinvents herself as Tris.  She suffers physically and mentally through the hazing period.  She finds herself connected to Four, one of the trainers.  Tris realizes that there was more to her seemingly quiet mother than meets the eye and Tris has to find the strength to stop a war.  This had a lot of action in it.  I enjoyed it and I usually do not like these types of books.  I will read the rest of the series when they come out.

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