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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hiss and Tell

Book #87 Read in 2015
Hiss and Tell by Claire Donally

This is the fourth book in a cozy mystery series.  However, this book will work well as a stand alone.  In this book, former reporter Sunny brushes up on her former job skills when she is asked to bring a local flavor to a wedding of some high-profile socialites.  They invite Sunny to their private home.  Not to be left behind, Sunny's cat Shadow, a former street cat, manages to tag along and cause some trouble.  Not as much trouble as the person murdering people connected to the wedding.  Sunny and her cop boyfriend Will attempt to solve the murders.

I enjoy this series a lot.  Sunny is an intelligent heroine who can handle herself.  Her grumpy father, cop boyfriend and nice next-door neighbor are all good secondary characters.  And then there's Shadow...he's a great feline addition to this series:  loyal, brave and intelligent.   This series is well written and I will continue to read it.  I received a copy of this book from Night Owl Reviews in exchange for a honest review.

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