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Monday, May 25, 2015

Fangirl (YA)

Book #68 Read in 2015
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (YA)

This author has become one of my favorites.  She creates such realistic characters and makes them so interesting.  In this book, Cather and her twin Wren are starting college.  Wren is a party girl; Cather hibernates in her room.  The two may look identical, but they deal with their issues (Mom left them at an early age, Dad has some mental illness issues) very differently.  Both of their coping mechanisms come with consequences.  Along with their story is a parallel "fanfic" story of two characters from a famous fiction series; Cather writes fanfiction and is very successful at it.  While this book has a lot of humor in it, it is so well-written that it is able to deal with heavy emotional issues but still be an entertaining read while doing so.  I loved it.  I believe high school students and adults alike would enjoy this book.

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