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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Big Fat Disaster (YA)

Book #19 Read in 2015
Big Fat Disaster by Beth Fehlbaum (YA)

This book tackles a lot of major issues--eating disorders, suicide, bullying, adultery and homelessness.  Chloe is the "fat girl" in a pretty, political family.  She never feels as if she fits in or that her mother is proud of her.  After her father falls from grace, Chloe moves to a new town where she becomes a target of bullying by the "mean girls" in her new school.  It shows how horrible high school can be.  I hated the mother in this book but was happy that at the end, she at least gets some of what she deserves.  I felt for Chloe throughout the book.  This was a good read.

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