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Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Angel Stone

Book #48 Read in 2014
The Angel Stone by Juliet Dark

This is the final book in a paranormal trilogy.  In this book, Callie is trying to find and open another door between the human world and the fairy world.  Doing this would allow the ability for her paranormal friends to return home and help take their college back.  But this search is not without risk for Callie but she is the only one with the power to make this happen. 

This series is a great paranormal one and has just about every paranormal being in it.  The books include action, romance and humor.  I enjoy the setting of the rustic college campus.  The writing style is engaging.  Juliet Dark is a pen name for author Carol Goodman.  I highly recommend this series and the books should be read in order as one picks up right where the book before it ends.


  1. I really love this series too, and it's one I hope to re-read one day.


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