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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Water Witch

Book #41 Read in 2014
The Water Witch by Juliet Dark

Juliet Dark is a pen name for author Carol Goodman.  This book is the second in a paranormal trilogy.  It is a really good read, as was book #1.  Callie is a doorkeeper...a witch who can open and close doors between the human world and the fairy world.  She is also a college professor....along with several other paranormal beings.  Her small town is magical and has become her home...but it is being threatened by the Grove, an organization in which her grandmother is involved.  The Grove wants to close the door between the worlds, after all the paranormal beings they deem lesser than them go back to the fairy world.  Callie's friends are hoping that she can keep that from happening.  Add to that Callie's conflicting feeling about her somewhat demonic boyfriend who was banished, and that means she has a pretty full plate.

The writing style is nicely gothic.  The characters are interesting and the setting is great...I love the small town, college campus atmosphere.  This book has a great plot of twists and turns, romance, sex and of course ends in such a way that book #3 will be the next book I start.  I highly recommend this series.


  1. I love this trilogy. It's one I want to re-read someday. So fun, and I really like Callie and all the other characters.

  2. It is a great series. Now on to book #3 :-)


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