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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rotten (YA)

Book #24 Read in 2014
Rotten by Michael Northrop (YA)

Rotten (otherwise known as Johnny Rotten or JR) is a rescued Rottweiler.  JD is a teen who can be said in need of rescuing himself after spending the summer in juvie.  The dog and boy hit it off after a rocky start and JD realizes how attached he has become to the dog when JR bites one of JD's friends and that family decides to sue for medical pills and pain and suffering, effectively putting a death sentence on the dog.  JR is desperate to save his dog...will he be able to?

This book was a good, quick read.  JD is an interesting character; he is not just your typical troubled teen.  JR is a dog who has personality.  There is the engaging plot of trying to save JR along with humor and romance between JD and his ex-girlfriend Janie.

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