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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Arrangement

Book #18 Read in 2014
The Arrangement by Suzanne Forster

This book reminded me of the book Gone Girl....I didn't really like any of the characters or find anything redeeming about them...but I had to finish the book to see what happened to them.  In The Arrangement, Allison was swept overboard and her husband, Andrew, is blamed.  She is then found...or was she?  It turns out that Andrew replaced his wife with Marnie, a deformed local girl who was also thought to be dead.  He wants to use her to flush out Allison's true killer so that he can be freed from suspicion.  A long line of suspects exist, including Allison's dysfunctional mother Julia and her mentally ill brother. 

This book has good twists and turns in it.  As I said above, none of these characters are truly innocent and some are not even decent people.  That being said, readers will want to see what happens to them, if they get their just desserts and how this book will end.

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