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Friday, January 31, 2014

Heartbeat (YA)

Book #9 Read in 2014
Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott (YA)  Amazon Vine review book

Emma's mother dies unexpectedly.  Emma's stepfather, Dan, decides to keep Emma's mother alive by machines because she is pregnant; his hopes is to keep her alive long enough for the baby to be safely delivered.  Emma resents that he was able to make this decision without her say and she shuts herself off emotionally from him.  Every day after school (where valedictorian-in-the-making Emma has gone on an academic nosedive) she goes and sits by her dead mother's beside.  Emma begins a connection with bad boy Caleb as he understands in ways that her friends cannot since his younger sister Minnie died in a biking accident.  Their common understanding of loss draw them together. 

This book was a riveting read.  The raw emotion of Emma's sense of loss was wonderfully written.  Emma and Caleb's love story was touching.  I recommend this read.

I received this book from the Amazon Vine program in exchange for a review.

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