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Friday, November 8, 2013

Hold Fast (YA)

Book #90 Read in 2013
Hold Fast by Blue Balliett (YA)

This is an author who I have tried several books of, without finishing any of them.  This one, however, I loved.  A family, not very rich but very loving, uses reading and books as a way to connect them.  Then the father comes up missing and people break in and wreck the family's home.  There is obviously something bad going on and Sum and her children, Early and Jubie, are forced to head into a shelter while they continue to hope that Dash will make his way back to his family.  Early decides to take on a more active role and begins her own investigation as to what happened to her father.

I enjoyed this book.  The writing style flowed well.  Characters were well-developed and ones I immediately cared about.  This book had a good mystery element to it and a decent amount of action to keep readers engaged.

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