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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Reading Promise

Book #49 Read in 2013
The Reading Promise by Alice Ozma (Kindle)

This is a book about books, a must read for readers.  Alice and her father begin the streak when she is 9 years old; the streak being that her father will read to her every day.  This streak remains in effect until Alice goes to college 9 years later.  Sometimes they do the reading via phone, sometime in the parking lot of the school, but they always read together and the two are bonded in such a wonderful way.  Books discussed in the book brought back memories for me.  Many I have read and loved.  This book also reminded me of my mom and I reading together before bed when I was younger. 

Besides the love of reading, this book also brought up the importance of being able to encourage that love of reading in the hearts of students.  Alice's father was an elementary librarian and he instilled the love of reading in countless students.  Then, in the name of progress, the library where he worked was dismantled to make way for computers and technology.  Given the current state of education with standardized testing and the Common Core, I could totally relate to his frustration that his years of effective teaching were ignored or lessened.

I put this book on the book list for a non-fiction class I'm offering for professional development this summer and I am glad I did.  I enjoyed it a lot.


  1. I love that they read together everyday. I don't like that they got rid of the library.


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