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Monday, February 18, 2013


Book #17 Read in 2013
Stick by Andrew Smith (YA)

Stick is the nickname for Stark McClellan.  Stick was born without his right ear.  This means he feels like a freak and tries to not draw attention to his missing ear.  If that wasn't enough for a teenager to deal with, Stick lives in a horribly abusive home.  His father and mother are horrific parents and the saving grace is Bosten, Stick's older brother.  The two boys are extremely close and take care of each other the best they can in the situation they have at home.

This book is gritty and painful to read at times, but also extremely powerful and hard to put down.  Stick and Bosten are wonderful characters.  Readers will care about them and hope that all turns out well.  There is action, romance and humor in this book.  I recommend it.

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