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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Love Anthony

#2 Book Read in 2013
Love Anthony by Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova has become one of my favorite authors.  Her previous books, Still Alice and Left Neglected, were powerful reads that showed her background in science before beginning her writing career.  Her new book, Love Anthony, shows growth as an author.  While less scientific than her other two novels, this book did not disappoint as Genova took a more spiritual bent to her writing.

In Love Anthony, Olivia is dealing with the death of her autistic young son, Anthony.  Her marriage has broken up and she has moved to their former vacation home on a pretty isolated island.  While there, she begins a photography business.  One of her clients is Beth, trying to deal with the fact that her husband had recently cheated on her.  Beth is trying to find her way back to herself and begins to write again.  She almost feels compelled to write her novel, telling the story of an autistic boy named Anthony.  However, Beth does not know anything about Olivia's son while she is writing her book.  Eventually the two cross paths about the novel and both are amazed by the connections.

This was a good read.  Genova's writing is getting stronger with each book, in my opinion.  I recommend all of her books. I cannot wait to read anything else she writes.

I received this book to review through the Amazon Vine program.


  1. I think this one might just be too emotional a read for me.


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