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Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Cat Who Came Back For Christmas

Book #82 Read in 2012
The Cat Who Came Back For Christmas by Julia Romp

Julia Romp's memoir is about much more than just their wonderful cat, Ben (Baboo).  Julia is a single mother to George, who is autistic.  This book details her struggle to connect with her son and Ben is the key--George connects with this cat in a way that he has never connected before with another living being.  Ben gets George to talk more, to connect with his mother and to get him touch with his emotions--all things that Julia had wanted for years for her son.

Then the unthinkable happens and while Julia and George are away, Ben goes missing.  George blames Julia for this and any progress he had made since Ben came into their lives is immediately erased.  Julia knows that she must find Ben if she is ever going to see that side of her son again.  Julia makes it her daily mission to look for Ben, following up on countless leads and sightings of the elusive cat.  At the same time, Julia finds a sort of new career path for her--pet detective.

This book was a good read.  Ben is a great cat and I loved reading about how the love for this cat really brought George out of his shell.  I give Julia props for doing the difficult task of parenting, hard enough in its own right, made even more difficult with her special needs son.  She craved hearing him tell her that he loved her.  She just wanted to be able to touch him without him freaking out.  She is a strong woman.

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