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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Dog Who Knew Too Much by Spencer Quinn

#57 Book Read in 2012
The Dog Who Knew Too Much
by Spencer Quinn

This is the fourth book in the Chet and Bernie series.  Chet is a dog who tells the story of helping his owner, Bernie, on their cases, as Bernie is a private investigator.  In this book, Chet and Bernie are hired by a woman to find her missing son, who was at a wilderness camp and never returned for an overnight hike.  Not a simple missing persons case, as the boy's father has a criminal bent and got involved in some shady dealings with people local to the camp.  Chet and Bernie take a few shots along the way but continue to try to track down the boy.

This series is a fun one to read.  The books are good mysteries.  Chet and Bernie are great characters and have a nice connection.  Secondary characters like Bernie's girlfriend Suzy are also well-developed.  There is a lot of humor in these books, especially in Chet's telling of the story.  I recommend this series.


  1. I have one from this series on my shelf. I'm curious to see how the dog telling the story works out for me.


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