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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds by Nancy Martin

#39 Book Read in 2012
Dead Girls Don't Wear Diamonds by Nancy Martin

This book is the second in a cozy mystery series.  In this book, Nora Blackbird is still working for the newspaper's society pages.  She is at a party at the fancy Cooper estates when Laura Cooper, wife of Nora's high school sweetheart, is found dead in the pool.  People believe that it is suicide.  Laura Cooper was rumored to be unhappy in her life, enough so that she allegedly stole jewelry from the women in her social circle.

But not everyone believes that it was suicide and Nora is one of them.  She begins her own investigation and that puts her in danger.  Luckily, her somewhat of a boyfriend, Mick, comes with a very unique skills set and can help her investigation move forward.  Also lending a hand are Nora's sisters, Emma and the very pregnant Libby, and Reed, her driver.

This book was a good mystery and I enjoyed it.  There is some romance with the chemistry between Mick and Nora but that is not the driving force of the book.  Humor is also included and this makes the book a good read on several fronts.  I will continue with this series.

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