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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Buzz Off

Buzz Off

This book is the first in a cozy mystery series.  Story runs a store and has a beekeeping business on the side.  Her partner in that business, Manny, is stung to death at the beginning of the book.  Story thinks that something is strange about his death and begins to investigate.  Shortly after, the girlfriend of Story's ex-husband is killed and he is arrested for the murder.  While Story has no love lost for her ex, she does not believe he murdered his girlfriend so she begins to investigate that too.  As often happens in these types of books, Story gets herself into some trouble.  This book has good characters (I especially liked Hunter and Ben), and a decent mystery.  The text speak of Story's sister got annoying after a while and the character of Story's mother was very shrill but otherwise, I enjoyed the book.

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