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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unraveled (YA) (Kindle)

Unraveled (YA)

This is the second book in a YA paranormal series and picks up right where book #1, Intertwined, left off.  Aden, Victoria, Mary Ann and Riley are fighting the witches and goblins to stay alive.  Aden is still trying to find the connection between the witches and soul Caleb.  This book had a lot of action and good twists and turns.  The romances of these two couples heat up.  It seems as if there will be a third book, and I hope there is and I will read it.  This book was on the book list for a YA literature class that I am taking.  I could see both HS girls and boys enjoying this series.  I read this book on my Kindle.

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