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Saturday, August 14, 2010

RIP Kiki 2004-2010

Since my furkids are part of my blog, I figured I should post about Kiki, aka my bitch cat.  Kiki was diagnosed 2 years ago as having HCM (a heart condition).  She was at that point given less than 6 months to live.  She far surpassed that, which I chalk up to her nasty attitude and her will to live :-)  A few days ago, Kiki had a stroke that did damage to her hind end.  She was in obvious discomfort so I brought her to my vet to be put to sleep.  He examined her and said that he would predict a major stroke for her in the next 24 hours so that made me very sure that I was making the right decision to put her to sleep.

The house is much quieter with her gone--probably because she growled more than our dog.  I will miss her miserable little fur self.

RIP Kiki


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