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Monday, February 1, 2010

They Found Him Dead (3.5/5)

They Found Him Dead (3.5/5)

Silas Kane dies shortly after his birthday party. At first it is thought to be a heart attack but when his heir dies not too long after, it is starting to look a little suspicious. Inspector Hannasyde is called in to look into the deaths and has to figure out many twists and turns. This mystery had a formal feel to it; one that seemed appropriate for a British mystery. The characters in this book were somewhat stiff and formal but that fit well with the writing style of this book.

This was my first book by Heyer. This book, while being the third of the books to feature this investigator, was able to stand well on its own. The writing style reminded me of Agatha Christie. I enjoyed it but I am more of a fan of a more cozy mystery style, with books featuring a hobby or culinary aspect to them.

This book was sent to me by SourceBooks to review.

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