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Friday, December 4, 2009


Koko has recently returned to us, after a year and a half of another home. Koko needs to be the only cat and in our house, that isn't possible. Her new owners brought in a cat and behavior problems started once again. Facing putting her to sleep, I told them I would take her back. So a la Virginia Woolf, Koko is now in my reading room, using it as a room of her own, and we'll see if that helps. If so, then I will try to find her another home to be the only cat. Keep paws crossed!


  1. Aw, darn. I'm sorry Koko's new parents decided to bring in another kitty. Paws are crossed that she'll do okay back at your house.

  2. Thanks. She's been vomiting a lot--we have a vet appointment on Thursday and I'm waiting for him to call now. I'm hoping we figure out what's what.


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