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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pope Joan (5/5)

Pope Joan (5/5)

A well-written book about Joan, a girl who disguises herself as a an so she can learn, and whom eventually becomes Pope. Great writing, good action and star-crossed lovers make for a great read. I have had this book for years and I'm glad that I finally read it.


  1. Hi, Melissa!

    I'm Donna Woolfolk Cross, author of Pope Joan, writing to thank you for the kind words about my novel! I'm so glad to learn that you found Joan's story as inspiring as I did!

    I'm trying to get the word out about my unique "Walk the Red Carpet" offer, good only until July 31st. Basically, it's an opportunity for anyone who buys the brand-new Three Rivers/Crown Publishing edition of Pope Joan to attend the U.S. movie premiere with me and my family. If you've ever dreamed of walking a red carpet, this could be your best chance! Details of the offer are at

    Please pass the word along about this offer any way you can. I'm a real techno-idiot (that's where studying the ninth century, instead of our own, gets you!) So I'm not on Facebook, can't Twitter, etc.

    Thanks for your help--and also for the very nice review!


  2. Thank you so much for responding to my review! I am excited to hear that a movie of Pope Joan is being made--I had no idea!


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