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Sunday, May 17, 2009


This is Boo. His full name is BooBerry Radley. He is a blue point Ragdoll, turns 2 in June and is quite large already. He's a good boy.


  1. He's a beauty, Melissa! Love his name. :-)

  2. Thanks Wendy. He's a good boy--a big furball of love. He's very mellow. We got him from my brother in law. He was originally named Poop. I couldn't keep that name but wanted something that sounded like that since we got him when he was 10 months old. So Boo it was (and I had to fit a literary reference in there somewhere so BooBerry Radley his registration papers show!)

  3. Oh, my gosh!! He's really grown. What a gorgeous guy Boo is!

  4. Yeah he's huge. He goes over the summer for his physical--I'm predicting that he weighs at least 15 or 16 lbs.


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