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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Wednesday Wars (YA) (4/5)

The Wednesday Wars (YA) (4/5)

Holling Hood is in 7th grader. He gets stuck being the only student in his classes on Wednesday afternoons. His teacher, Mrs. Baker, decides to fill those days with teaching him Shakespeare. He isn't thrilled at first but he sort of gets into it as time goes on. This book follows an academic year and chapters are broken up by months. As a backdrop more than a focus, the Vietnam War is happening. Elements of that time work into the book but it is almost done as an afterthought, though ya readers will still learn from it.
This book would be a good read for reluctant readers and can be used in both MS and HS. Boys would like this book (some war stuff, some sports stuff and escaped rats are always popular). There is a lot of humor throughout this book, which I enjoyed.

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